Tuesday, May 20, 2008

busy busy little bee

We've set a date for our housewarming/belated graduation/belated birthday party. So now we need to make sure the house is actually finished. But this means the other half of the basement ceiling will be finished (i.e. I'll finally have real lights over my sewing area).
My "little" brother turned 16 last week. "Little" because although he is younger than me, he now outweighs me and is taller than me.

My Pepére has been in the hospital and things aren't looking too good - he was read his last rights on Sunday. Right now I'm indifferent about the whole thing, but that's another story.

I didn't get a job I interviewed for back in March. The only part that sucks about not getting it is now I have to start looking again and start interviewing again. I hate interviewing with a passion. I just freeze up if they ask me those stupid typical HR questions. Even though I know they're gonna ask them in 97% of the interviews. I just can't do it. I'd rather sit there and have a conversation like a normal human being.

Oh and if anyone is feeling extra generous today, I'd like one of these, please:

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